Modular Integrated Slat System

Architecture and Interior Design have always been grounded on two foundational elements. On the one hand, the structural element, necessary, fixed — the one marking and defining spaces. On the other hand, the finishing element, internal or external, that has always been responsible for a space’s emotional factor — the story turning spaces into places. Traditionally joined to masonry, finishing and covering elements become technique and, in modern architectural language, true second skin to a space, applied to grant flexibility and lightness. This is the context DresswallStripes aims at innovating.

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Our Profiles

Profiles’ sections are grounded on fundamental shapes: square, circle, triangle, line — with which every designer can develop his / her own language, inception of any project.

Individual Stripes are foundational elements of the system that can be multiplied, set closer to one another or at a distance to create surfaces where any effect such as opacity and transparency can be fine-tuned. DresswallStripes, the latest addition to the Dresswall ecosystem, it’s no product — rather, a system. Capable of being leveraged in multifarious shapes and contexts, DresswallStripes is a new language enabling those who give meaning to spaces, turning them into places.


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Features & Benefits

  • 1. Adaptability & Personalization

    At Dresswall we know that people’s dreams are limitless, that’s why we exist to give shape to their ideas and make them possible.
    Beyond existing profiles and finishes, DresswallStripes has been designed to accommodate any personalization and expression need the designer might have. Being developed to be a language rather than a product, DresswallStripes supports custom solutions for both finishes and profiles — a unique chance for brands to stand out and craft compelling experiences, and for designers to express themselves to the fullest. Get in touch to know more about how we can make your ideas possibile.

  • 2. Flexibility

    The spacing between Stripes, their number and length are defined on a case-by-case basis in light of the desired effect to grant ultimate expression freedom tothedesigner.

  • 3. Lightness

    Aluminum enables the system not to weigh on struc- tures, making DresswallStripes an ideal solution for the great majority of contexts.

  • 4. Removability

    Access, inspection and maintenance of anything that might be cealed behind Stripes is easy and frictionless. This also enables to intervene on surfaces throughout time, minimizing maintenance costs.

  • 5. Versatility

    Thanks to the different configurations, but also to the possibility of integrating the system with sound-absorbing panels and different light sources (e.g., integrated within the system, applied in between Stripes or suspended behind them), DresswallStripes adapts to spaces, not viceversa.

  • 6. Expression

    The wide offering of profiles and finishes (i.e., natural patterns, metallic or colored) grants an impressive number of combinations ready for installation.

  • 7. Integration

    DresswallStripes exists within the context of the Dresswall ecosystem — it can be combined with the other elements that are part of it to originate solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. Please refer to the dedicatied section for further information.


Dresswall Ecosystem

Because people’s dreams are limitless, we exist to give shape to their ideas and make them possible.
That’s why The Origin of Possibilities is our rallying cry — the Dresswall Way.
At Dresswall we bring to life solutions that respond to the present and transform the future.
We provide an ecosystem of products and services, that redefine spaces and expectations — built around our partners’ needs.

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