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120 mm V


To make your arrangements to suit the needs of your products and your exhibition space, Dresswall can be installed and equipped in different ways.
They can be discussed ad hoc solutions for every project.


The support of the frame Dresswall can vary through the coupling to the kinds of bases of shapes, dimensions and capacities, with the ability to design and custom bases depending on your space and the relationship desired between the different frames.

Base only

Base unica equisporgente

anteriormente e posteriormente.

Double base front

Base with feet protruding
just before.

Base asymmetrical double

Double raised base
from both directions.

Unique base front

Single base protruding only
previously or subsequently.

double base

Base with feet equisporgenti
front and rear.

triple base

Depending on the length of the Dresswall
the number of feet will proportionally increase.

base legs

Bases walk with Dresswall
raised off the ground.

Base custom

Base custom


The evolution of the system Dresswall satisfies any requirement: communication, exhibition and architectural.
The lightweight design and clean Dresswall allows achievements elegant but solid.
Shelves and display cases are added to the frame integrated with elegance, while preserving the bright surface.


Several panels can be combined with each other thanks to the hinges, fixed or free movement. Thanks to these structures can be three-dimensional scenes and architectures; also to create structures with which interact because free in their movement.


Adding shelves, chassis Dresswall, is quick and easy and does not affect the uniformity of illumination.


The addition of glass cases, the frame Dresswall, is quick and easy and does not affect the uniformity of illumination.

hanging rails

Other structures can be mounted on the walls to build the hanging space and facilities more.



vertical soundproofing

The frames, suspended in a perpendicular position to the ceiling, are hung by rods hooked directly to the upper side of the frame itself.

standard horizontal

The frames, suspended in a position parallel to the ceiling, are hung by rods hooked plate / cross-members positioned at the corners of the frame itself.

horizontal above

For large dimensions need to add extra plates / beams and tie-rods.


spare parts

The advantages of Dresswall arise from its characteristic of being the result of a union of separate parts mountable, removable and variable in time: at a same structure can be applied endless different graphics and for its entire duration each component is replaceable and customizable .


All structures provide a combination of aluminum profiles and fabric coverings and no.
The greatest advantage is given by the press on the surfaces of any subject, with a process of direct printing to 8 colors, characterized by an optimum yield and brilliant colors.
All fabrics, on the back, can be equipped with acoustic mat that making facilities Dresswall acoustic panels.


Link a FTP Dresswall /

Download file preparation instruction

led bars

Profiles Dresswall are prepared for the backlight with a unique perimeter. LED modules, high power, ensuring superior brightness, intense and uniform, allowing considerable savings in energy costs; as well as a longer life than other traditional systems, it can be installed in minutes, with no additional tools or skills.

power supplies

power supplies of various power-specific LED modules, high power.


1.Tecnico available for customized solutions
2.Specifiche for the creation of print files
3.Istruzioni mounting
5.Trasporto and installation on request


You can download catalogs, newsletters and instruction manuals for installation or replacement of components.


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